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Create bueatiful web slides with minimum efforts with the help of rich text editor and host it for free. Create digital signage contents with time scheduling for every slide so that appropriate contents are displayed at the correct timings. You can also create LED digital displays with the help of the JSON API of dispy. Create wonderful contents and share it with anyone with easy to remember urls.

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# Features
  • Login & Signup through Facebook, Google or Github.
  • All the features of RevealJS framework.
  • Create unlimited projects with unlimited slides.
  • Slides can be reused.
  • Slide transitions can be changed for each slides.
  • Slides can be scheduled to be display only at certain duration.
  • Multiplexing feature allows for the project owner to control the slides of the viewers from anywhere in the world.
  • Entire Project can be downloaded in a zip format for offline use.
  • If you already have a RevealJS presentation ready then you can also import it to dispy with the import option.
  • View and Download the PDF version of your project.
  • View Project on Web or as a JSON API for News Feeds or LED Digital Displays.
  • Common footers can be added to all the slides with the help of project settings.
  • Beta: Connect with your google drive to upload your contents to the drive to use the images, videos and music in your Slides.
# Applications

Create your bueatiful presentations with the help of rich text editor and the popular RevealJS framework. Share your presentations with others easily by the help of easy to remember urls.

You can also use it to create auto sliding presentation for your digital signage. Works wonderfully with Screenly Software. All you need is a raspberry Pi and a Television to convert any TV to a digital signage. It also allows you to set the timing and duration for which the slides need to shown on the display.

Dispy also comes with an Arduino Sketch which can be used with any ESP8266 boards to make a IOT enabled digital display. Make as many digital display by creating different devices for each. Or if you want the same messages to be displayed on all the boards then use the same device ID on all the devices.